Sandy Ridge Elementary

Visual and Performing Arts Focus

1417 Old Oxford Road
Durham, NC 27704

The Visual and Performing Arts magnet elementary school seeks to integrate the arts into a rigorous academic program. Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish are taught within an environment that emphasizes visual and performing arts.

Features of the Magnet School Include:

  • Multiple choral music and theater performances annually
  • Multiple art gallery walks annually
  • Regularly scheduled residencies with visiting professionals and artists
  • Regularly scheduled art-focused field trips
  • Daily enrichment classes allowing students to receive both foundational skill instruction, as well as integrated enrichment that brings the arts into the content areas
  • Music, Visual Arts, Dance, and Theater instruction for all students
  • Extra-curricular activities – clubs, field trips, summer camp opportunities
  • Additional art, choral music, theater and dance teachers

Lottery Priorities:

Sibling Attending, General App Pool in the following order: Priority Zone, 7 Priority Schools (Mangum, Eno Valley, Little River, Easley, Holt, Hillandale and Glenn), Remaining District Elementary Schools.

*Applicants must submit an application and rank their priority school as their first choice to be considered for any priority through the lottery process.

*Please note that there is no guarantee of assignment for either sibling priorities, or link priority, as seats must be available at the grade level(s) requested.

Please see FAQs for priority definitions and explanations.


Students must reside in the following base elementary school districts to receive transportation services (Mangum, Eno Valley, Little River, Easley, Holt, Hillandale and Glenn)