Pearsontown Calendar Magnet Elementary


4915 Barbee Road
Durham, NC 27713

Durham Public Schools offers families calendar as well as program options among its Magnet Schools. There are both Elementary and Secondary year-round schools. Please note that only applicants who reside within the Pearsontown region may apply.

Features of the magnet school include:

  • Operates on a year-round calendar with three-week breaks between each 9 week instructional period, and a five week break during summer
  • Student camps may be available during the fall, winter and spring intersessions depending on the school
  • The basic instructional program is the same at year-round schools and traditional schools.

Lottery Priorities

Only students residing in the Pearsontown Elementary region are eligible to apply. This region consist students residing in the attendance zones of Bethesda, Creekside, Fayetteville Street, Forest View, Hope Valley, Lakewood, Parkwood, W. G. Pearson, E. K. Powe, Y.E. Smith, Southwest and C.C. Spaulding. The lottery priorities are Sibling Attending Pearsontown, Sibling Attending another Calendar Magnet School, General Applicant Pool, and a Calendar Link priority for 5th grade applicants applying from Pearsontown to Rogers-Herr Middle.

*Applicants must submit an application and rank their priority school as their first choice to be considered for any priority through the lottery process.

*Please note that there is no guarantee of assignment for either sibling priorities, or link priority, as seats must be available at the grade level(s) requested.

Please see FAQs for priority definitions and explanations.


Regional transportation for students who reside in the Bethesda, Creekside, Fayetteville Street, Forest View, Hope Valley, Lakewood, Parkwood, W.G. Pearson, E.K. Powe, Y.E. Smith, Southwest and C.C. Spaulding attendance zones