Rogers-Herr Calendar Magnet

911 West Cornwallis Road
Durham, NC 27707

Rogers-Herr operates on a year-round calendar, which divides the year into 9-week quarters with a 3-week break (intersession) at the end of each quarter.

The basic instructional program is the same at year-round schools and traditional schools.

Lottery Priorities

Sibling Priorities, Link Priority for rising 6th graders from Pearsontown Calendar Magnet Elementary. Applicants must rank Rogers-Herr Calendar Magnet as their first choice to receive any of the priorities.

*Applicants must submit an application and rank their priority school as their first choice to be considered for any priority through the lottery process.

*Please note that there is no guarantee of assignment for either sibling priorities, or link priority, as seats must be available at the grade level(s) requested.

Please see FAQs for priority definitions and explanations.