Lowe's Grove STEM Magnet : Focus on Technology

4418 South Alston Avenue
Durham, NC 27713

The magnet program at Lowe's Grove provides opportunities for all students to experience highly engaging coursework in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with a special emphasis on the infusion of multiple technology tools and experiences.

Features of the magnet school include:

  • Integration of multiple technologies such as iPads to expand opportunities for learning and expose students to a variety of technology options
  • Opportunities for students to customize their learning experience within their school day through specialized "Techways" of Digital Media Technology, Robotics & Design Technology, Environmental Technology and Arts & Kinesthetic Technology
  • Incorporation of the Engineering Design Process as a common problem-solving strategy in all subject areas
  • Partnerships with corporate and community experts in the fields of technology and engineering such as: NC Biotechnology Center, Fidelity, and Soil and Conservation

Lottery Priorities

Students residing in Lowe's Grove attendance zone and students currently attending Lowe's Grove do not need to apply for a lottery seat.

No lottery priorities


District wide Pathway Model (Pathway model is defined as students will be transported from their base school to the assigned school)