The School for Creative Studies


5001 Red Mill Road
Durham, NC 27704
(919) 560-3535

The School for Creative Studies is a small school established for grades 6-12 that operates on a year-round calendar. The school and classroom environments are collaborative in nature and designed to prepare students for a thriving creative economy. Please note that only grades 6-10 will be assigned for the 2014-2015 school year.

Features of the magnet school include:

  • Innovative classroom instruction that encourages the development of creativity and collaborative problem-solving skills
  • Program of study features a variety of options for students to customize their creative education. Coursework selections may include media and broadcasting, film making, documentary studies, writing and journalism, architecture, interior, or landscape design, graphic design and marketing, and other creative areas for which there is demand in the job market
  • Regular student interaction with creative and design experts from the community (Duke Center for Documentary Studies and local architects, for example) incorporated into the instructional program through visit, internships, classroom presentations and artists-in-resident programs

Lottery Priorities

Application eligibility is district-wide. Assignment priorities are Sibling Attending The School for Creative Studies, Siblings Attending another Calendar Magnet School, Calendar Link for 5th grade applicants applying from Holt and Easley Elementary Schools and General Applicant Pool.

*Applicants must submit an application and rank their priority school as their first choice to be considered for any priority through the lottery process.

*Please note that there is no guarantee of assignment for either sibling priorities, or link priority, as seats must be available at the grade level(s) requested.

Please see FAQs for priority definitions and explanations.


District wide hub/express stops in the morning (group stops at select DPS schools and Staff Development Center) with community bus stops in the afternoon



SCS does not offer competitive sports other than our cycling program. This policy also applies to other activities such as marching band.